At Midnight


With the variety of features surrounding the purchase of home electronic appliances, consumers often find themselves having to filter through the critical aspects that most matter to them during their decision-making process.

Whether it is; design, price, or size, marketers often face the challenge of shining the light on a newly released USP that their audience didn’t previously take into consideration.

On this occasion, the freshly released ‘silent technology’ required a campaign to both introduce and reprioritize ‘noise emission’ as a primary attribute to drive product interest and sales conversions.


Due to personalized stories resonating with audiences more than ever, our focus was to create an emotionally driven campaign that aimed at presenting relatable yet intimate scenarios that would occur within the late hours of the night inside someone’s home.

Big data research indicated that an increasing amount of people positioned their washing machines in spots where the noise disturbance would be less audible. However, due to small living spaces associated with modern city life, the result was not significant, and people still craved moments of tranquility to unwind after a noisy day spent outside.

Thus, by engaging the audience in such a manner, we were able to showcase the efficiency and lifestyle benefits that the ‘silent washing feature’ would bring into someone’s everyday modern lifestyle.


Through our unique approach, we created an unprecedented emotional marketing space for the washing machine category.

Firstly, the flagship store’s homepage comprised of three sections corresponding to multiple target groups. Additionally, an accompanying series of videos showcased three scenarios broadening the audience range by featuring a young couple, a parent-child conversation as well as a single professional.

What these characters all had in stock was the need to savor a moment of repose to allow them to decompress from the bustle of modern living paces.