Artisanal Roots


When appraising nutrition options for the younger members of the family, parents look for quality ingredients that will add value to a child’s growth.

Knowing their origin and understanding the process that goes into obtaining them is a critical deciding factor among many. Communicating a luxurious image within this product realm is centered around showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into sourcing premium ingredients and the involute manufacturing process.

Our main scope was to create a highly impactful campaign to deliver the appropriate sentiment for this niche product.


Utilizing the brand concept and amplifying its Irish heritage, we augmented the emotional connection between the target audience and Illuma. We endeavored to create a campaign that would capture the essence of the artisanship and dedication that goes into the product, thus achieving the premium essence of the branding identity.

Furthermore, we wanted to deliver a sense of exclusivity, native to the luxury product category. Therefore we partnered with acclaimed design studio Shang Xia to create cases for the product as well as a one of a kind customized gold spoon.

A pinnacle point in the successful implementation of this strategy would be to generate substantial engagement, which would subsequently allow for the release of an expanded product series.


We luxuriated the audience with a series of imagery starring the ‘talent guardians’ who work at the farms and cultivate the milk sources.

Pushing the envelope, we also produced a series of organic live streams directly from the farming locations where the audience gained an in-depth understanding of the outstanding quality of the product.

The response obtained from the branding activities not only successfully gained Illuma a feature on Super Brand Day but also managed to sell out the limited-edition merchandise.