Foresee the Unprecedented


As an esteemed brand with an array of beloved products, Lancôme regards customer experience and satisfaction as one of their core cornerstones.

Maintaining the top place during D11 was equally important as the brand had held the number one spot in the beauty category for many consecutive years. Leading such a competitive space requires innovative strategies and communication touchpoints in abundance to precede in the field.

However, being adaptive and having a contingent pathway is crucial during the lead-up to the big day as competitors may showcase dynamic approaches too and potentially acquire consumer interest.


Due to the multiple consumer groups that this campaign was targetting and the large scale of the potential audience, we thoroughly conducted a two-month-long investigation evaluating each touchpoint and communication angle, selecting only the outmost effective ones to maximize impact and reach the client’s optimum sales targets. Our methodology and application process during the sales forecast had to be entirely accurate.

Therefore, we commenced the operation three months in advance and conducted multiple rounds of testing, eliminating all possible risk factors delivering precise data to the client. This disposition led to a constant advantageous hold over the execution and implementation of the campaign.


Through the identification of three distinct groups, we devised the following target audiences:
(1) Existing & Prospective Customers,
(2) Competitor’s Client Base, and the newly discovered
(3) Male Demographic looking for gift solutions.

Thus, we released 30 clusters of advertisements conveying unique messages throughout the campaign. Each carried a different CRM goal to satisfy the broad range of activations channels that catered to the needs of this elaborate campaign.

The accuracy of the data proved to be an integral part of success as Lancôme not only maintained the coveted No.1 position in the entire beauty sector but doubled their preceding year’s sales.